Exercising at home is entertaining as well as beneficial. But you can’t exercise at home because your home isn’t exercise safe. The floor is slippery hence there are chances that you meet a slip and fall accident while exercising on a slippery floor.

There is no need to change your home floor to make it exercise safe. All you need doing to exercise at home is to buy a foam pad on which you can exercise without any fear or apprehension. The gymnastic mat pad would cost you around $100 and you can buy it online.

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It is called gymnastic mat and it comes in different sizes. Buy a medium size mat on which you can jump and land easily. When you would put the pad on the floor, it would stick to the surface and in this way become immobile. When it is fixed, you can start exercising on it. But you should take some precautions like never step on the pad wearing footwear and also keep the mat away from heat.


What is the mat made of?

It is made of soft rubber that is safe for human body. It contains a layer of foam that is 2.5 inches thick. It has Velcro on four sides and it can be folded into a small size for convenience. It is easy to use and it has no specific maintenance needs. Use the gymnastic mat without any fear or apprehension as it would keep working for long time. Also it can be used as a safe playground for kids.


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